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Love ? Happiness ? Purpose ? Power ? Wealth ? Knowledge ? Peace of Mind ? With ThetaHealing, one of the most powerful meditation technique existing today, you can get anything you want. You deserve it.

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The Benefits of ThetaHealing are Almost to Numerous to Mention


ThetaHealing raises your energy up enough so that you can pause and remember who you really are.


ThetaHealing makes psychic matter practical and enables you to get the material things you desire.

Theta Healing benefits - practical course


ThetaHealing allows you to experience the vastness of the universe and increases your blessings.


ThetaHealing helps you to transform limitations, energy blockages and negative personality trails.


With enthusiasm we invite you to join us in our journey of creating truly memorable and exciting events that celebrate and inspire a new way of living.

Cristina Hlusak - Theta Healing theacher

Cristina Hlusak

ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science
ThetaHealing® Representative of Romania since 2008

A personal mentor

Cristina Hlusak is proud of her Transylvanian heritage.

As coach, spiritual consultant and healer, Cristina Hlusak has facilitated thousands of individual sessions and has led hundreds of courses, seminars, groupings and retreats worldwide. Her writings and teachings are followed by thousands of people around the world…

Cristina empowers people to permanently transform their lives and create the world of their dreams. Her techniques and methods are based on solid scientific research and her results are lasting. I value her friendship and admire the magnificence of her being.

An Chang, Hong Kong

No matter how successful you are, no matter how many great things are going on in your life, there’s always something that you can improve upon in your life. And Cristina Hlusak can help you do that. She gives you the tools you need. When you apply those tools then you’ll see results. Your outstanding work shows your excellent training and professional experience. Thank you again.

Jennifer, Miami, USA

Dear Cristina, Your Basic ThetaHealing Experience was a life changing experience for me!
I truly felt your sincere dedication and genuine love towards allowing us to share in the beautiful gift of ThetaHealing.
The positive experience of our sessions will remain forever dear to my heart. I am excited to share this unique opportunity with friends and family and want to encourage them to take this Incredible Life Changing Journey. Feeling the Vitality of true joy and love is amazing! I appreciate having the opportunity to share and learn Theta Healing with you.

Mimi, North Carolina, USA

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