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3 Steps to Live a Life of Pure Intentions

ThetaHealing can help you live a life of pure intentions. Living a life of intention boils down to taking control of your actions and reactions. It involves stating a goal and working towards it.

Here are 3 Steps to consider.

1. Analyze your purpose

When people think of living a life of intention, they usually associate it with stating a goal and working towards it. While that is a piece of it, determining your purpose involves revealing your passion. If you passion is meditation, learn ThetaHealing. When you unveil what you are passionate about, you will chase that. You will make necessary adjustments in your life to work towards those passions. Then, your intentions will manifest themselves through hard work.

2. Take control

Taking control does not mean trying to control the actions of others or the outcome of situations. Rather, it means controlling your behavior. Just like practicing mindfulness makes you aware of your surroundings, make yourself aware of your reactions. ThetaHealing can help you practice mindfulness.

Ask yourself:

Do I allow the vibes of others to impact my mood?

Do I let what others think of me shape my behavior?

Do I overreact when someone lets me down?

Once you’ve determined your answers, think of ways to control how you respond to certain things. Maybe you can work on taking a breath before talking to a toxic person.

Or, indulge in some important self-care rituals that you can learn through ThetaHealing. Remember, you are in control of your behavior. That means your choices, thoughts, and reactions.

Creating an intentional life takes effort. It requires determination and self-improvement. These changes may seem uncomfortable initially as you are reshaping how you think. However, stick with the process. Trust yourself and you will soon live a life of pure intentions.

3. Determine what you value

What makes you, you?
Do you have a set of values that shape your behavior?

If so, use those as stepping stones towards your intentions. If you value spending time with your family, adjust your work schedule so you can spend your evenings with them. If you value creativity, pursue a career in the arts. If you value ThetaHealing, learn ThetaHealing. Start now. Register to my next ThetaHealing Class.

Whatever your personal values are, make sure you are living your life in accordance with those.

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