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Add More Happiness Into Your Life

Add more happiness into your life by taking time for reflection and gratitude. Shift your mindset, so you are happier than ever.

The book Reflection and Gratitude: A Journey of Self Discovery by Cristina Hlusak, invites you to live mindfully, to be ‘in the moment’ that you are living right now.

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The idea by taking time for reflection and gratitude may seem simple, and it is. But it’s not easy. Our minds are continually shifting to think about things in the past or future.

When you realize you are thinking of what you have to do when you get home or to the fight you had with your significant other the other day, bring your attention back to now. You may even want to put a half-smile on your face and take a deep cleansing breath when you come back home to the now.

When you are living mindfully, you naturally reflect and notice how you feel about a wide variety of things, instead of pushing them away. You also tend to slow down and take notice of all the small, but wondrous things around you. You may stop to watch a flock of geese that fly above you in the sky. Or smile at the sound of a child squealing with laughter. Or appreciating the way your favorite pen writes. All these little things make ‘living in the moment,’ a real blessing.

Have you ever noticed how much you complain? When we begin to notice, you’ll be simply amazed! You’ll find yourself talking about how busy you are, what a pain your boss is, and how you have to do tasks around the house that you don’t want to do. You’ll criticize your mate, your kids, your job and the weather.

Even when we are feeling happy and content with our place in life, we catch ourselves downplaying our feelings of satisfaction.

The problem is especially true when you are around negative, complaining people a lot. Those folks who never have a happy thing to say about anyone or anything can take a toll on your happiness. You probably find yourself mimicking their lousy attitude when you are or have been around them.

Starting this week, commit not to complain one day every week. When you start to say something negative, catch yourself and put a new spin on it.

Yes, it’s cloudy and raining, but doesn’t your garden love it? Yes, it’s your turn to make dinner tonight, but you’re going to try out a new recipe you’ve wanted to make. See what we mean? Just a slight shift in your mindset can change everything!

In this book, Reflection and Gratitude: A Journey of Self Discovery by Cristina Hlusak, we are going to give you simple actions and tips for bringing more life-changing reflection and gratitude to your everyday life so you can be happy, healthy and abundant.

In this book, Reflection and Gratitude: A Journey of Self Discovery by Cristina Hlusak, we explore a variety of perspectives that fuel the need for self-reflection and gratitude, the benefits of each and how to go about starting and maintaining a reflection and gratitude practice.

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