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Audio Course – Spark Change: Do What You Love and Change the World

Audio Course – Spark Change: Do What You Love and Change the World by Cristina Hlusak


So… How do you start a movement?

“You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world” – The Beatles

Starting a movement around something that you care about is one of the most rewarding (and beneficial) things one can do.

It doesn’t matter if you are out to change the world, your hometown, or even just your neighborhood. Whatever the scope of your ambition is, you should be commended for the desire to enact meaningful change in the world.

This audio course isn’t going to change the world on its own. It’s merely a tool designed to help you take that first step.

Every movement that has ever changed the world started with one person (or a collective) taking that single first step.

If you want to make a difference (to the world, your neighborhood, or even just your family), then you have landed in the perfect spot.

Work through this audio course carefully and honestly, and you will have taken the ever-important first step.

Now go out there and change the world!

What you’ll learn:
✔️What Motivates You to Join a Movement
✔️How to Start A Movement
✔️How to Create a Successful Movement
✔️What Elements Required a Successful Movement
✔️How to Lead a Successful Movement
✔️How to Start a Successful Movement
✔️How to Use Crowdfunding to Start Your Movement
✔️Steps to Non-Profit Organizations Movement
✔️How the Internet Has Changed the Face of Social Movements
✔️Why Storytelling is Vital in Starting Your Movement
✔️What Aspects Successful Movements Have in Common

This course includes:

A 🎧Professionally Recorded Audio Book Length: ~31 mins
A 📓PDF Manual with examples of powerful movements, and tips that can help you start your own movement.
A 📓PDF Workbook with exercises designed to help you put the info from the Manual into action.
A 📓PDF Mini Report that complements the Workbook, perfect to use as “opt-in bait”.
A 🎬Short Video Report Presentation, easy-to-follow.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to Start a Movement
Managers interested in growing their skills and learning how to Start a Movement
Entrepreneurs looking to build their own businesses and create a Movement


A desire to Start a Movement
Involvement in an organization where you want to grow and excel
No prior knowledge required

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