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I had my 14 years of experience with Kriya-Yoga meditation, energetic healing with Dr. Kam Yuen (, Reiki, intuition and many metaphysical techniques, but I had a lot of skepticism in the beginning and it was taking two weeks of my spare time to become more familiar with ThetaHealing, to read Vianna’s book “ThetaHealing – Go Up and Seek God, Go Up and Work With God”, Revised and Expanded, Second printing December 2007, ISBN 0-9671754-2-9; plus a very special ThetaHealing session with Cristina on January 31, 2009.

I am very impressed with Vianna’s pure intentions, serious books, manuals, classes and strong commitments to share ThetaHealing with all humanity. In only 280 pages Vianna excellently cover very advanced issues like Belief Systems, Death, Initiations and Death Doors, Manifesting, DNA Activation, Gene Replacement, Children of New Age, plus charming personal stories based on her strong faith, empowering and trusting communion with our Creator of All That Is.

At a deep level, I was also curious how well are trained Vianna’s practitioners, instructors and masters, not only how much they know, but especially how much they care, how much they are able to facilitate any ThetaHealing exercise the Creator will perform. Thanks God, I had such a wonderful ThetaHealing session with Cristina, improving my belief system, clearing some serious family challenges and helping me to focus with success on building my own business.

I am very impressed with the speed of light in ThetaHealing, with the potential of DNA Activation, DNA 3 and all the global blooming of ThetaHealing Tree, WOW! Highly recommended as an essential reading and a life changing ThetaHealing experience.

With Deep Gratitude and Appreciation,

You Vianna, Cristina and all ThetaHealing Team are a Blessing for the World!
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