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Eliminate Self-Sabotage with Cristina Hlusak’s ThetaHealing

Eliminate Self-Sabotage with Cristina Hlusak’s ThetaHealing

Think you have bad luck? Or perhaps it’s poor timing, fate or bad genes that has thwarted your goals and undermined your strength. Highly unlikely. Rather it’s the universe mirroring the negative programming in your subconscious mind.

Not only do we stubbornly hold onto limiting beliefs, we seem to be masters at it, so much so that affirmations can have little effect.

You’re probably not even aware of the programs that sabotage your happiness and well being.

eliminate self-sabbotage with cristina hlusak's thetahealing

With ThetaHealing techniques you can test the subconscious mind, locate the patterns that holding you back and eliminate them in order to manifest the desired change or improvement.

Subconscious programming is often far more negative than that of the conscious mind.

Self Sabotage has been effectively eliminated by Cristina Hlusak’s ThetaHealing, clearing the way of transformation process.

Discover the transformation of Cristina Hlusak’s journey, the benefits of ThetaHealing and how the power of ThetaHealing can help you.

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