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To experience mystical realities, commit to reanimating your life with recognition of Divine presence.

You may have the sense that the Divine is absent, but when you will discover the mystic part of you – MysticYou™ – you will intimately feel that the Divine is always present in your heart, in every moment.

Divine energy animates the universe. It is not something you can see with your the naked eye, but with MysticYou™, meditation, practice and prayer, the true nature of sacredness of all reality unfolds.

With MysticYou™ meditation you can explore your understanding of the Divine in your own spiritual path.

With MysticYou™ you can understand how the universe works and that all life is in constant motion. Relax into idea that nothing is static or fixed and experience a mystical reality.

To experience a mystical reality:

1. Direct your prayer to the Divine in your higher power.
2. Align yourself with the Divine Mind.
3. Be open and receptive to the power of prayer in your life.
4. Pray be saying and intending: “It is done. And so it is. Let it be.”
5. Consider in your prayer the outcome you want as an accomplished fact.
6. Generate a feeling of love and compassion for yourself and others.
7. Accept your life as part of a MysticYou™ and a mystic reality.

MysticYou™ is helping you recognize the Divine energy and encourages the view that all life is part of a mystic reality. Discover MysticYou™ and the Divine, present as an energy that sustains you.

This is a mystical reality – MysticYou™ – your spiritual journey, often understood as the purification of illusions. One of the main illusion of our time is a view that limits our reality.

MysticYou™ helps you understand that your world is truly mystic. So let go of whatever is no longer serving you and limits your reality.

Whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for some time, I can offer you simple, effective suggestions for your daily life.

Join me for your own spiritual practice.

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