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What is ThetaHealing?

Theta Healing is a technique by which we learn how to use our natural intuition, relying on the unconditional love of the Atoate Creator, who actually “works”.

By changing the cycle of brain waves, including the “Theta” state, you can see as a witness how Atoatecreator creates physical and emotional, instantaneous transformations. By learning the techniques of Theta Healing, you will see that every man has intuitive capabilities that he can use to perform spontaneous physical and emotional healing. Use these techniques; you can help yourself, like your friends and family members.
Theta Healing was designed by Vianna Stibal as a self-help therapeutic guide to develop the ability to change at all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally, through the Atoate Creator.
Theta Healing is a well-known technique for “Work on Beliefs and Work on Feelings” at all four levels: Basic, Genetic, History, and Soul.

With more and more scientific evidence that “toxic” emotions can contribute to disease and that emotions, feelings and power of thought have a direct influence on our physical health, there is an increasing interest in how the mind influences the body to acquire optimal health. “Work on Beliefs and Work on Sentiments” enlightens people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with some positive, beneficial ones.
Theta Healing is best described as an easy accomplishment in our lives.
Also, Theta Healing is well-known for the Seven Plans of Existence; a concept that allows us to connect to the highest level of Unconditional Love and the Energy of All That Is. Using this concept, Theta Healing® therapist can achieve the greatest clarity, wisdom and love. The Healing is an extraordinary healing technique created by Vianna Stibal, a healer and extraordinary intuitive person. Healing helps us remove the thoughts and feelings that cause sickness in the body as well as beliefs that can block our expression of the wishes of our true essence. The methods and particularities of Theta Healing techniques are vast, even infinite.
Theta Healing uses the practical application of quantum physics through the power of prayer or by connecting with the Creator.
Theta Healing teaches us how to access our natural intuition, using the infinite divine love of the Atoate Creator. Each of us has intuitive capabilities. Theta Healing helps us strengthen our ability to achieve physical and emotional healing.

Theta Healing Key is a fast and specific way to enter Theta State and Seventh Existential Plan. Theta Healing allows us to increase the brain’s theta of the brain to achieve a superior creative state, particularly appropriate, to make the necessary changes in our deep thinking system. The “Theta state” can normally be reached after several hours of meditation; with this method, we can reach it in 30 seconds. Through these brain theta thee, we can connect to our divine source, to heal us, to radically change and improve our lives and the lives of others.

We are what we think. Everything that happens inside and around us is our own creation. We are a natural magnet that attracts events, people and situations that are compatible with vibratory frequency and our energy level. If we want to change our experiences, we must first change our beliefs.
Theta Healing is a tool for direct creation of our physical reality. It is the process through which we can break the wave of the non-physical universe and make knowingly and deliberately changes in our reality.
But many people are only aware of some of their thoughts. What seems to them does not correspond in many cases to unconscious thoughts. Often they can design beliefs that are completely unconscious. They may think that “I am not worthy of love,” “I am incapable,” “I deserve joy”. These thoughts can come from childhood, from experiences of past lives, at the genetic or soul level, or at the level of collective consciousness. These beliefs can govern life!
Using Theta Healing techniques, we can identify, remove and replace these beliefs at all levels: Basic, Genetic, History, and Soul.
The deepest Theta Healing discovery is that it can be taught to others easily. Cristina G Hlusak has been teaching Theta Healing for many years in various countries and languages. Thousands of people learn the techniques of Theta Healing and change not only their lives but also the lives of others.