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ThetaHealing work is used to teach feelings that the body may never have truly experience before, such as being successful, happy and healthy. From the Divine Source you can heal, make changes, improve your life forever.

Vianna has received all these teachings directly to the Divine Source, from God These techniques have scientific explanation, God and Science walking hand in hand.

ThetaHealing works by you mentally reaching the Theta State (ie. Theta brain wave becomes dominant as can be shown on an EEG machine) and doing a set of communication protocols to the Creator for the work to be carried out on the recipient. (Those of you who practice self-hypnosis or deep meditation regularly, will recognize the feeling and will know that you are in the Theta State – your sense of awareness is heightened.) You then help to anchor in the healing energy by witnessing the work carried out by the Creator. Effectively, the work is a trinity of cooperation between you, the Creator and the recipient.

ThisHealing is so powerful and effective that you need to ask for permission from the recipient of the healing. The Creator loves us so much that our free will is never interfered with. We still can decide on whether or not we want to be healed!

ThetaHealing has been around since 1996. It is a very dynamic and powerful healing modality, and does not require symbols, attunements (adjusting your energy fields to receive certain healing energy) or any other external tools or supplements. You and the Creator are the tools! You can think of Thetahealing as combination of meditation, self-hypnosis, and prayer.

Vianna Stibal has healed from cancer in 1995, using ThetaHealing technique. She is the founder of ThetaHealing.

“As one of her interpreter and publisher, t traveled with Vianna and I spent so much time around her. She is an Earthy woman, a being full of light, who tells you exactly what she thinks….. Her smile and energy is very uplifted. “Guided” by the Creator, she wrote the ThetaHealing book, a masterpiece; completely cover at the Basic Seminars only in 3 days.” Cristina Hlusak

Discover what the world has been talking about, Discover ThetaHeling, prepare to be amazed by your own abilities!

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