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How to Share Your Passion

Publishing and Speaking: How to Share Your Passion by Cristina Hlusak

Serials for Power Readers by Cristina Hlusak ❤️

Sharing your passion and being a speaker and a publisher is an exciting calling. You have the opportunity to share more about yourself, help your audience, and get to network with other leaders and entrepreneurs.

You have faith in your passion. You believe in it. But you can’t move forward on faith alone. It takes action to turn your passion into reality.

If you think that God is leading you in this direction, pray over it. Ask those you trust to pray for you as well. Then watch as God opens the doors to publishing and speaking opportunities all around you!

My purpose is to help people like you share their passion. In these episodes, I share my stories to inspire you.


How to:

1. Define Your Message
2. Focus On Your Audience
3. Reach Out and Go Live
4. Get Noticed On Social Media
5. Self-Publish Your Book
6. Don’t Waste Your Time
7. Start Anywhere & Break It Down
8. Launch Day & Beyond
9. Put Your Best Foot Forward
10. Be Ready & Shine Bright

Read my stories here and share your passion with the world!

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