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Cristina Hlusak – Intuitive Mentoring

Intuitive mentoring – Cristina Hlusak, ThetaHealing Romanian Representative has empowered thousand of people from around the world with ThetaHealing.

Cristina Hlusak was invited to appear on the latest Business Vip Magazine, a premier social magazine
for Bucharest Romania.

Cristina Hlusak – Intuitive Mentoring

Fall Edition 2016

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As intuitive mentor and advisor, Cristina Hlusak has empowered thousand of people from around the world. She is proud of her Transylvanian heritage and although she wasn’t raised in Transylvania, in a traditional way, she always felt called to connect with the old ways.

Her spiritual journey began as a teenager, when she began to sense energy fields. Then she discovered that her ability to be aware of energy flows was not new – in Transylvania’s ancient times, those who lived close to the earth knew that the world was comprised of energy. After this realization, Cristina Hlusak began her quest to understand more about the ancient ways. She subsequently became a healer and eventually a teacher.

Looking at the last 26 years of her life, you can tell that she has been driven into a direction that changes people’s thoughts on beliefs. Her purpose is to get people to respect each other more, to respect earth more and to understand that we are all connected. Her gift is to help others to discover the wonderful power within themselves.

Cristina Hlusak came back to Romania, after she has traveled to the far corners of the world. She has distilled into her teachings the information and wisdom that she gained from indigenous cultures around the planet, as well as from her own Transylvanian roots, offering various courses, individual sessions and specific products.

Cristina Hlusak can inspire you to connect with your true self and step into your power and value. Life is too short to be unhappy, unfulfilled or uninspired. Contact Cristina Hlusak today and get back on the path to what you truly desire:

Bucharest Romania: +40 746 525 785
Las Vegas USA Toll Free & Fax: +1-800-565-9475

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