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ThetaHealing Book – A Masterpiece

ThetaHealing Book, a masterpiece was written by Vianna Stibal.

“Guided” by the Creator, she wrote the ThetaHealing Book, an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality, covered at the Basic ThetaHelaing Seminars only in 3 days.

ThetaHealing it’s a tool for understanding the physical reality, a simple process through which one reaches beyond the veil into the non-physical Universe, knowingly and deliberately making changes in their own reality. It can be applied to any aspect of your life.

ThetaHealing practice will allow you to completely change the way you think and “feel” showing how to work with the true essence of your being.

The techniques have scientific explanation, God and Science being hand in hand.

ThetaHealing changed my life and the lives of many others I know.

The way we think is the base of our reality, in fact the whole of our thoughts creates our personal belief system and if we want to change our experiences and improve our life style, we must change our beliefs because we are what we think.

The way we think, our beliefs, stir energies that consequently attract experiences that are fit for us and useful for our mind pattern, for the way we are, for our life style and development.

I would like to assist you on how to improve your life as well, so join us.

I am part of the first ThetaHealing Masters and DNA 3 Practitioners and Instructors, graduating classes from THInK, ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge in January 2009. I am also part of the first group that obtained DNA 3 Teacher Certificate and ThetaHealing Certificate of Science in October, 2009.

I started my career as a Civil Engineer in Bucharest, Romania. Later, as a student from the College of International Business UNLV Las Vegas, I moved from the USA to Macau SAR China, and joined Vaford Group Hong Kong as a Business Development Consultant.

Today, my career has taken a completely different path. As a intuitive and ThetaHealing Master, Practitioner and Teacher of all the ThetaHealing Classes, I am dedicated to guiding and supporting everyone’s personal and spiritual growth with enthusiasm, by offering many ways to positively improve lives

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