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ThetaHealing Coaching Program

ThetaHealing coaching program was one thing I was looking for.

I decided to pursue Cristina’s ThetaHealing coaching program to learn ThetaHealing and to better help myself and my team to make the changes they desired.

During my career as a leader, I felt limited in my ability to facilitate change in my workplace.

I always wanted to help others to identify and overcome their weaknesses, so I decided to create a small business that specialized in coaching professionals.

It hasn’t been easy getting the word out about what I do. ThetaHealing and the coaching industry is fairly new. A lot of people aren’t clear on what ThetaHealing is exactly or what the benefits are.

I am proud to still be practicing ThetaHealing after two years. I’m also starting to receive requests to speak about the topics that I coach on. I am still optimistic that my business is needed and will be continue to be successful in the future.

What’s great about Cristina Hlusak

Cristina Hlusak is very knowledgeable, honest, direct, kind-hearted and patient. I couldn’t ask for better help when going through the ups and downs of starting a business.

She listened to me and her advice helped me to take the next step. She was open to discussing my ideas, connecting me with resources she knows best.

I still meet with her occasionally to share my successes and challenges. She always offers me something of value during each meeting. I really appreciate her willingness to help me in my ThetaHealing venture.

I really appreciate Cristina’s energy. She is passionate about what she does.

I truly recommend your courses to anybody who want’s to better help themselves and to learn ThetaHealing.

Thank you Cristina,
Jessica Nelson, Chicago