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What Is ThetaHealing? A Holistic Business Practice?

ThetaHealing as a Holistic Business Practice
What Is ThetaHealing? A Holistic Business Practice?

I am often asked by the public, “What is ThetaHealing? A holistic business practice?”

People have funny perceptions around the word “holistic” and how ThetaHealing it applies to the business world. It is about people who use words like “aura” and “chakra”, while they drink their green tee sweetened in a recyclable cup?

Or is it a “woo-woo” wearing a tie-dyed wrap, who guides you into your past lives to discover your true dharma? In ThetaHealing, as a business owner, I have to make decisions based on dollars dharma?

ThetaHealing, as a Holistic Business can include this type of experience and it is so much more than just that world. I was invited to explore many questions about ThetaHealing as a holistic business and there are many ways to include many practices.

Find out what is behind of true meaning and discover how you too can incorporate ThetaHealing as a holistic business practice.

Are you ready for your business to take a fly?

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