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Yoga For the Seasoned Body from Chicago to Las Vegas

Yoga For the Seasoned Body from Chicago to Las Vegas with Monika Andreas

After a lifetime of practicing and teaching Yoga For the Seasoned Body in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, Monika Andreas decided that she wanted to open a studio of her own in Las Vegas. “I wanted to create a community of people that support one another and have fun,” she says. Today, Her classical Yoga studio, Yoga for Seasoned Body, offers private, semi-private, and group classes in Las Vegas. 

“Cristina Hlusak have a wealth of experience and personal success that shared with unbelievable compassion and dedication. Cristina helped me thrive and today I have a strong client base.

Take Cristina Hlusak’s suggestions and use her passion to create a thriving business.”

Yoga is an ideal practice for accepting who and what we are in the moment. Monika observes,
“Yoga for the Seasoned Body helps me and my students come to terms with the changes our bodies are experiencing as we age. It promotes acceptance and surrender to the exact level of flexibility that we experience in the moment. Often within the space of a class, that level of limberness can shift by getting conscious of breath and body, [by] directing the breath into the tight places.”

“As an owner I am becoming more balanced, strong and centered every day just as I do from my work in Yoga. All thanks to Cristina Hlusak.” Monica Andreas

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