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You Can Live Your Dreams with ThetaHealing

You can live your dreams with ThetaHealing

Finding your life’s purpose is a journey of discovery and is always easier when undertaken with other like-minded people.

Your life’s purpose is already within you. Reveal your inner healer with ThetaHealing classes. Bring balance into your life today and register now for ThetaHealing courses with Cristina Hlusak.

The Real Power of the Mind

Do you know that our Conscious mind controls 10% of all that we do? Would it surprise you to know that our Unconscious Mind controls 50-60% of all that we do? And our Subconscious mind contains over 60,000 programs?
So how is that relevant to us? Well, as we only consciously control 10% of all we do, then who is really creating our reality? Our unconscious mind seems to be the one who has the most influence.

That is why ThetaHealing is such an invaluable tool to change our life. It is a quick and drama free way to reprogram our subconscious mind. How important is this? Beliefs (Programs) influence our mindset, which influence our behaviours, which then influence our results. To change your results you need to change your beliefs. Learn ThetaHealing and you can do this very easily.

you can live your dreams with thetahealing

You Can Live Your Dreams. Really.

“Your beliefs creates your reality. With the tools I will teach you, you will create the life you’re always dreamed of. Really.” Cristina Hlusak

Cristina Hlusak teaches ThetaHealing and runs a worldwide healing network.

ThetaHealing will change your life forever. A whole new horizon opens in front of you when you learn ThetaHealing with Cristina Hlusak.

ThetaHealing enlightens people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with some positive, beneficial ones.

ThetaHealing is best described as an easy accomplishment in our lives. Register today for ThetaHealing classes with Cristina Hlusak.

Cristina Hlusak is a Master ThetaHealing with Certificate of Science. Start your ThetaHealing journey today.

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